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Our adventurous trip to Zadar city in Croatia


This year I reached 25 years old and our family members have planned to celebrate my 25th birthday in a different manner. My mom, dad, and my brother John have planned to take me to the Zadar city in Croatia. In summer holidays every year, we went to some cold places to enjoy different activities and get away from the serious sun lights. My all birthdays have been celebrated simply at home or hotel with all my family members, relatives, and friends. After celebrating my birthday, we usually go to the summer holiday trip every year. But this year, my sweet family members arranged a wonderful coastline party and birthday celebration surprisingly for me in Zadar, Croatia. I priorly saw several photos of this city and got information about its adventurous activities. With the interest and exciting to visit the Zadar and get yachting experience, I just forget about my birthday. But this trip was planned only for my adventurous birthday celebration.

Zadar, views

My birthday celebration at Zadar:

When we reached Zadar city, more here, we all wanted to go sea coast region and enjoy yachting and sailing experience. Nobody revealed about a birthday celebration and everything was going on secretly to make me surprised. A day before my birthday, we went there and fully enjoyed yachting adventurous experience through buying yacht charter, sailing boat, and catamarans. I always love sailing in the catamarans because they are small but realy awesome to have adventures. Many shops in Zadar have been selling different colors, sizes, and different designs of yacht charters and they also provide it for renting.

My dad bought four different yacht charters for the individual adventures for all of us. It is always good to have a good website, where you can really trust and use. We recommend yacht rent Croatia with this website, as this is most advanced search engine in the world. Or try here on Twitter. As it is a wonderful Croatian tourist destination, we enjoyed a lot in the sea water of Zadar city. After enjoying yachting experience, our family members wanted to visit top places and popular locations of the city. We just went around the different locations of main Zadar city and know its exception history and also rich cultural heritage. On the next day, I surprised with the coastal region birthday party arranged by my family members. We cut cake and enjoyed sharing with other tourists there. It has really been an unforgettable birthday in my lifetime.

Me in Zadar

Facilities in Zadar, Croatia:

Zadar is an ideal location for amazing natural views, unforgettable yachting adventurous experience, accommodations in hotels, traditional foods in popular restaurants, cultural monuments, autochthonous gourmand delicacies, different excusion programs for travellers and various tourist activites. We enjoyed more in Zadar by visiting the best restaurants to eat Zadar cuisine foods, and participated in different tourist activities.

The hotel we booked provided extraordinary accommodation along with the best customer service. My dad booked a trending hotel available for the modern travellers. In Zadar city, Croatia, there are more numbers of trending hotels with amazing accommodations and wonderful restaurants with the tasty and traditional Zadar foods we enjoyed. Our family spent full 5 days there in Zadar and enjoyed lots of new adventures.

Croatia, Zadar